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Portfolio: Horacy Muszyński He combines film, performance and video art in his work.

Horacy Muszyński (born. 1994, Poznań) – Graduate of Experimental Cinema department at Sczecin Academy of Art, currently participant of De Ateliers in Amsterdam. Horacy Muszynski combines film, performance and video art […]

Contemporary Lynx Team Jun 06, 2021

No Hell for Beauties. In conversation with Rector Andrzej Bednarczyk.

Our conversation will be published when future students of various Polish academies will be deciding on the most appropriate academy for them. Could you describe the greatest strength of your school?

Dobrosława Nowak Jun 06, 2021

A Beginner’s Guide To NFTs. The Trendy Non-Fungible Tokens Explained.

Have you been racking your brain trying to decipher what NFT stands for?

Aleksandra Mainka-Pawłowska Jun 05, 2021